Known issue - Table 13 in DfE Summary may show incorrect numbers

What is the known issue?

There is a known issue with Table 13 (Attendance information for the 2021 spring term (terms 3 and 4) for all pupils aged between 5 and 15 years as at 31/08/2020) in the downloadable DfE Summary and the DfE Census Summary Inspection in Arbor.

The numbers and percentages shown in this table may be slightly out on either report or both reports.

Additionally, when clicking into the row for 'Total Sessions missed due to authorised absence for all pupils', students will appear more than once in the list. This is because a row is created per absence mark per pupil. You can use the second report (detailed below) for a list of students without duplicates.



How can we be sure we're reporting the right numbers?

When you are ready to submit your census, you'll click the Download Census button to download your census as an XML file. The generated XML will output the correct numbers, the same ones shown in the Custom Report Writer reports.


How can we check our numbers?

To ensure you're able to check the correct numbers, we've created two reports you can import into your Custom Report Writer. 

Click the link at the bottom of this article to download the report to your computer. Please do not open the file.

Go to School > custom Report Writer and click to create a new report. Click to import a report and select the file you've just downloaded.



In our Census Table 13 report, you can see all the totals that would show in table 13, with the correct numbers and percentages. 



In our Census Table 13 (Student List) report, you can see a breakdown of the students that make up the numbers usually accessible by clicking a number in the DfE Census Summary Inspection in Arbor.


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