Your Implementation Workbook

During your implementation, we use your Implementation Workbook to track progress and share important information. It provides a central resource for you to 

This guide will show you tab-by-tab how to use your Implementation Workbook...

Welcome & Key Milestones

The Key Milestones tab provides a high-level view of progress so far. Your Arbor Project Manager and School Project Lead will keep this up to date. This is a useful place to see what’s coming up in your onboarding at a glance, or for your Executive Sponsor to get a quick, high-level overview of the project.


Objectives and Key Documents

On this tab, we’ll keep a record of the key objectives you agree with your Arbor Project Manager during your Discovery Day. 

Here, you’ll also find links to useful help centre guides, login details for a test site, and links to the notes from your progress calls, Discovery Day and Project Reviews.


School Implementation Plan

Your School Implementation Plan provides a detailed overview of the tasks you’ll need to complete for a successful implementation. The plan covers all areas of the project, from training and data checking, to the roll-out of different areas like Behaviour and Assessment.

You can use your Implementation Plan to track progress, and find out what you need to do next. Your Arbor Project Manager will use your Implementation Plan during progress calls to make sure everything is on track!


School Roles & Responsibilities

This tab allows everyone involved in the project to see who is responsible for what, and makes it easy for your project team to access your Arbor Project Manager’s contact details.

Find out more about the Roles and Responsibilities involved in the implementation here. 


Communications Plan

It’s really important to think about how you’re going to communicate within the school regarding your move to Arbor, as the success of your Arbor implementation (like any big change project!) will hinge on how successfully you keep key stakeholders up to date. 

You can use the Communications Plan to manage how and when you keep in touch with those who will be affected by the move to Arbor. Learn more about managing change here.


School Training Plan

Here you’ll find a list of the training services that you’ve purchased, along with agendas detailing what these training sessions will cover. 

As you go through your implementation, your Arbor Project Manager will update this tab with the dates and times that your training is due to take place, recordings of your training sessions to refer back to for future reference, and any additional training sessions that you book in.


School Systems Audit

Here, we’ll keep a record of all the third-party applications you currently use alongside your previous MIS. You should fill out this audit at the beginning of your implementation. 

At Discovery, you’ll need to decide which applications will be replaced with Arbor, and which will be used after Go Live. Your Project Manager will give you details of how these can be integrated with Arbor.

Learn more about integrations with third party systems here.


Pre-Migration Data Cleansing

This tab includes a list of checks and tasks to complete in your current MIS before your dummy migrations and final migrations. 

You should use this area to keep track of which tasks have been completed.


School Data Counts & Checks

This tab allows you to record how the data in your current MIS matches up against the data that has been migrated into Arbor. It is important that you check your migrated data thoroughly on each dummy data run. 

Wherever you find a discrepancy, see if you can explain it - is the data incorrect in your previous MIS, or has it been changed since the backup was taken? If you can’t account for the discrepancy, raise it with your Arbor Project Manager so we can rule out a migration error.

You can find more guidance on how to complete your data checks here.


School Risk Management Tracker

Your Risk Management Tracker is where your Arbor Project Manager will keep track of any risks that could affect your implementation. 

You’ll review this during your progress call every week. Find out more about managng risk here.


School Change Requests

Any changes that are made during your onboarding - such as a change of personnel within your project team, or the decision to roll-out an additional areas of Arbor - should be logged in your change request register. 

This helps you keep control of the scale of your project, and prevents scope creep.


School Adoption

Your Arbor Project Manager will update this to show which areas you’re currently using, which areas you have training planned for, and which parts of Arbor aren’t currently being used. 

You can use this to see what else is left to implement, and plan what you will do next.


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