2018/2019 Product Update Roundup 23 - Standardised Assessment features, Attendance improvements and Exam updates

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The Headlines


  • Our 2-way integration with Hodder’s MARK system is now ready for you to set up, allowing you to bring PUMA and PiRA standardised assessment data into Arbor for easy analysis! See our article on how to set up the integration here.


  • You’ll notice the method of adding assessments to your Assessment Policy has been updated. We’ve removed the table view and confusing bulk actions - now you’ll find drop-down boxes to select your assessments, students and courses. Take a look at the new process in practice in this article.


  • We’ve improved how we calculate KS2 Fine Levels for our out-of-the-box Progress 8 analysis. You can even check the numbers for yourself! Select a student’s KS2 assessment mark in Summative Tracking > Analysis > Progress 8 to see the calculations behind the score!


  • Choose whether to display total numbers and percentages or student names on our Transition Matrix and Attainment over Time Analysis pages. Simply click the filters at the top of the page, and tick or untick the Display student names box.


  • You can now select DfE standardised assessments in the Transition Matrix. We have also upgraded this page to show Assessment Periods instead of date ranges. When viewing DfE standardised assessments, the period will be the academic year.



  • Download raw marks to Excel from the Bulk Edit Marks page.


  • View Attendance Notes or log a Planned Absence right from the Bulk Edit Marks page - just hover over a mark in the table.


  • Arbor now accounts for cover arrangements when sending reminders to teachers from the Incomplete Registers page. Now, if the incomplete register has a cover arrangement, the covering teacher will be contacted, not the teacher who required the cover!



  • Choose whether to include all assessables and learning units when printing a Statement of Entry.


  • Easily link courses to qualifications by going to Setup > Qualification Offering. Select the qualification, then click +Add in the slide over to add the courses.


  • Seating plans now include Exam End Times - useful if multiple exams are happening in the same place and time.


  • Unseat candidates by row or by column by clicking the 'Unseat Candidates' button in Timetabling > Assign Sets > Select room.


Coming soon...

More Exams improvements

We’ll make it easy to see when a student is entered for overlapping KS4 or KS5 qualifications, e.g. Photography and Fine Art, so you can make amendments if necessary. You’ll also be able to copy a seating arrangement so you can easily set up your large exams.


Record, save and submit observations, e.g. lesson observations, using a template created by you. This includes creating your own gradeset, themes and strands to be observed.


We’re continuously improving our Assessment features! Next, we’ll be adding new marks to show when a mark was not required for the student and improving our Progress over time feature so you can track average points of progress made.

Download Student List

Our Download Student List functionality will soon be updated so you can easily choose which data to download and in which order.


If you want to propose your own improvement idea, contact our Customer Support Team.

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