Automatically enrolling students into courses using Teaching Groups

What are Teaching groups?

Teaching groups can be used when you have more than one course or class with the same set of students.

Using a Teaching Group for these students means you would only have to manually enrol students into one teaching group and the students will be automatically enrolled in the courses.

Creating a teaching group

Go to Students > EnrolmentSelect Teaching Groups from the left-hand menu and click on +Add.


Complete the details in the slide over and then click Create Teaching Group.



You will then be taken to the Teaching Group Overview page.



Enrolling Students

To access the Teaching Group Overview for a group created previously go to Students > Enrolment > Teaching Groups. Then click on the teaching group you wish to view.


From the Teaching Group Overview go to the Current and Future Members Section and click on +Add.


To add new members select Add students, then select the students to include and the date range. Then click on Add Members.




To copy students from teaching groups in the previous academic year, select Copy Students, select the correct teaching group and dates then click on Copy Students.




The Current and Future Students section will then display these students.



Adding an automatic enrolment

From the Teaching Group Overview go to the Automatic Enrolments into Courses section and click on +Add.



Select the courses that you wish to add the students in this teaching group to and click on Add Automatic Enrolments.



The students in this teaching group will then be automatically enrolled in the listed courses.



Click on the course to see the course overview.


Select the course, then click More Information to reach the Course Overview.



From the Course Overview, you will be able to see the students enrolled in the course from the teaching group's automatic enrolment.

Selecting to view Groups will show the teaching group that has been enrolled.


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