2018/2019 Product Update Roundup 24 - Exam updates and download Student Lists and Staff Photos

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The Headlines


  • Duplicate an existing seating plan - useful if you use the same seating plan for multiple exam sittings, such as the maths calculator and non-calculator exams. Just go to Students > Examinations > Timetabling > Assign Seats and click the green Duplicate seating plan button to select the source and destination exams.



  • When printing Candidate Labels you can now include Access Arrangements, the candidate’s exam end time, exam code, exam name and add custom text at the top and the bottom of the label (go to Setup > Overview to edit this text).



Download Student List

It's now easier than ever to download lists of students from anywhere you see the Download Student List button!

Take a look at our Update Article for how to use the updated feature and a list of all the places you can download a student list from.



Download Staff Photos in Bulk

Download Staff Photos in bulk from School > All Staff > Profile Pictures > Bulk Download Photos > Staff.  Click +Add to generate a new export, then click the export to download the zipped file to your computer.



Coming soon...

More Examinations improvements

We’ll make it easy to see when a student is entered for overlapping KS4 or KS5 qualifications, e.g. Photography and Fine Art, so you can make amendments if necessary. You’ll also be able to email exam time tables to guardians!


Record, save and submit observations, e.g. lesson observations, using a template created by you. This includes creating your own gradeset, themes and strands to be observed.


We’re always improving our Assessment features - next are our Progress over time and Below, at or above pages. We’re also adding new marks to show when a mark was not required for the student and the ability to see combined measures for Reading, Writing and Maths.


If you want to propose your own improvement idea, contact our Customer Support Team.

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