Essential Webinars

What are the recordings?

We've put together eight Essential training videos to help schools get to grips with Arbor. Each session focuses on a different part of Arbor's MIS system. The sessions are no longer than an hour and you can watch them whenever is convenient for you!

Who should watch?

Everyone at the school is welcome to watch the training videos, but we do suggest only watching the ones relevant to your role and purchase package. This article outlines whether the video is suited to teachers or SLT etc, and also has information about what is covered in each session.

How can I watch?

Click the links below to access each video. 

Essentials 1 - Overview and Top Tips (Content starts at 2:50)

  • Homepage, Dashboard, Favourite Links, Quick Actions
  • Student Profile
  • Guardian Profile
  • Staff Profile

Essentials 2 - Attendance (Content starts at 1:05)

  • How to take attendance as a teacher
  • Entering attendance as admin
  • Attendance Statistics & Absentee Reporting
  • Latecomer reporting
  • Attendance Export Reports

Essentials 3 - Users and Security (Content starts at 1:30)

  • Viewing business roles and associated permissions
  • Adding and assigning a business role
  • Adding and removing permissions of a business role
  • Adding/removing ad-hoc permissions for a member of staff

New Essentials 4 - Communications (Content starts at 0:40)

  • Permitted Senders
  • Sending Emails & SMS in Bulk & Individually
  • In-App messages
  • Templates & Creating Letters on Arbor
  • Communication Logs
  • Notices & Labels

Essentials 5 - Meals and Payments (Content starts at 3:45)

  • How do I set up a new school meal
  • Creating Provisions & Setting Prices
  • Adding a Meal Sitting & Student Meal Choices
  • Parent & Guardian Account Balances
  • Top Up Accounts/ Refund Accounts & Creating a Credit

Essentials 6 - Cover 

  • Adding staff absences
  • Organising cover

Essentials 7 - HR and Data 

  • Adding and assigning contracts, checks, pay scales & positions
  • Qualifications and checks

Essentials 8 - Clubs and Trips (Content starts at 1:35) 

  • Creating a club & Adding club sessions
  • Adding membership prices and participants
  • Creating new trips & Adding trip prices
  • Adding trip participants
  • Recording parental response & Overview of consents
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