2018/2019 Product Update Roundup 26 - The Arbor App, In-app messaging, and much more!

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The Headlines

The Arbor App is here!

We’ve launched the new Arbor App for iOS & Android! The App lets parents register their child for a club or trip, book parents evening slots, and manage payments all from their phone. Parents can also use the App to check in on their child’s attendance, behaviour and progress.

For more information on how your school’s parents can start using the App and a little App-etiser of the functionality, see this article.


In-app messages

In-app messages allow you to communicate with guardians directly using the Parent Portal or Arbor App for free, and choose to send follow-up SMSs. If parents are using the App, they’ll receive a Push Notification to let them know they’ve got a new message.

For full instructions on using In-app messages, click here.



Improvements to Cover

We made improvements to the School > All Staff > Cover page:

  • You’ll be notified if you’ve scheduled cover requirement date and times that overlap
  • Choose staff name format in the filters to output e.g. initials only or full names, in your coverslips  
  • Choose to exclude any "cover not required" items from printouts



Exams Attendance

You can now apply a filter in Students > Attendance > Bulk Edit Marks to only show students taking a certain exam. Just click the filter to select the exam, then easily bulk edit their Attendance marks.



Behaviour Incident emails

We’ve replaced our standard behaviour incident email and SMS with one that can be customised by you to include any merge fields you like! You can edit the template by going to School > Communications > Templates and selecting the Incident template.



What else is new?

  • Select multiple assessments in Grade Distribution in Summative Tracking > Analysis > Statistics > Grade Distribution.
  • You can now pin SEN Notes, Academic Notes and Behaviour Notes to the top of the Student Profile
  • The Behaviour incident follow up summary is now available as a field in the Custom Report Writer - perfect for live feeds!
  • Search on the Qualifications > EDI or  Non-EDI pages.


Coming soon...

Group MIS improvements

Soon you’ll be able to analyse all your schools’ SATs, EYF and Phonics Screening data using our Group DfE Performance Dashboards, and easily see your Group staff members’ details and permissions on our new Group Staff Profiles.

We’ll also be adding new staff absence measures to the Group MIS for staff and teachers, including days lost to sickness, work-related events or other absences and percentage taking sickness absence.


We’re always looking to improve Assessments! Next, we’ll be adding:

  • A new 'over time' page to better show trends in Below, at or above
  • A chart view to the Attainment over Time page to show grades for one assessment across multiple assessment periods
  • A table view to Grade Distribution so you’ll be able to view grades for multiple assessments, for one assessment period
  • More bulk actions and drill-downs to these pages to help identify and support at-risk students

Sharing Examination information

You’ll soon be able to email exam time tables to guardians, and we’ll be making Exam timetables, Statements of Entry and exam results accessible from the Parent Portal and Arbor App!


If you want to propose your own improvement idea, contact our Customer Support Team.

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