Creating a Live Feed to Excel using a Mac

These instructions cover creating a live feed from Arbor into Excel using a Mac. For guidance on using a PC or Google Sheets, see the instructions in this article.


Go to the page you would like to set up a live feed from. In this case, I'm using the Attendance > Absentees > Persistent Absentees page.

Click the Download button then select Live Feed.



Copy the URL from the pop-up box that appears.

Open a blank Word document and paste your live feed URL onto the page. Save your document as a Plain text (.txt) file.

You can save it anywhere and under any name you wish.



Click Ok in the next step.



Open a blank Excel document and click into the Data tab. Select the option to Run Web Query.



Select the .txt file from your documents, then click Get Data.

Top Tip: If you can't select the file, please wait for a bit of time for the data to process. 15 minutes should do it! You should then be able to select the file.



Click Ok in the pop-up box to import the data to the existing sheet.



Your spreadsheet will then show that the data is loading.



Once the data has finished loading, you will see it in your spreadsheet.



Remember to save your file as something memorable so you can find it again in the future!

So the live feed refreshes the data each time you open it, you will need to adjust the settings. Go to the Data menu in Excel and select Properties.

Tick the box to Refresh data when opening the file, then click Ok.

The table will then refresh each time you open it. Please note: You may need to resave the file under another name for the changes to take effect.



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  • Hi, just been playing with this for the first time. Followed it through but Excel for Mac (latest version Microsoft 365 16.52) wouldn't accept the .txt document. However, when I changed the extension to .iqy (the web query extension) it accepted it and worked perfectly.


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