Adding a Looked After (In Care) status

You can use Looked After (In care) statuses to mark whether students are in care or if they have been removed from care. You can add a looked after/in care status from a child's Student Profile.


Scroll down to the Looked After (In Care) section, or select it from the View drop-down menu.


Click the +Add button and choose an Assign Looked After (In Care) Status


In the drop-down menu choose the appropriate status (such as Adopted from care) and enter any other information that is needed. The c
lick Set Looked After (In Care) Status.

Important note: If you set the Looked After (In Care) status as any of the following, you must also specify a Responsible Authority to prevent errors when generating CTFs: 

  • Children’s Home
  • Fostered
  • Other/In Care
  • With Parents (under the supervision of social services) 



The Student Profile will then display their status.



You can also see all of your students with Looked After Statuses in Students > Demographics > Looked After (In Care).

This table lists all students who have an active Looked After (In Care) status. Not all of these statuses indicate that the student has been placed in care - some of them indicate that the student has left care.



To see the demographic of students that are actively Looked After (In Care), please use the derived Looked After (In Care) demographic indicator. This can be found by going to Students > Demographics > Derived Indicators > Looked After (In Care).


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