2018/2019 Product Update Roundup 28 - Summative and DfE Assessments and Group MIS Improvements

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The Headlines

Share Summative Assessments 

You can now export all your summative assessments from your school MIS in one handy file, then import this into any other school MIS you have access to, or send it to another school to import. 

This a great way to standardise your summative assessments across your group or MAT and on top of this, the sharing process can be completed in just a few clicks!

Take a look at this article to see how to export and import your Summative Assessment Setup.



Staff Absence Measures on the Group MIS

We’ve introduced new staff absence measures on the Group MIS site in Analytics > Staff HR > Absence so you can see for teachers and for all staff:

  • The average number of days lost to sickness
  • Percentage taking sickness absence
  • The average number of sickness absences
  • Number of days lost to sickness and work-related events



CTF and ATF Imports

  • Manually link ATF imports to an existing student to prevent duplicate applicants from being created. 
  • So students don’t have the same email address as their parents, you can choose to not import student email addresses in a CTF.



What else is new?

  • In response to feedback, we’ve now removed the gender icons across our site.
  • In School > Timetable > Sites & Rooms > Room Changes you can mark events as ‘New room not required’ once the room has been recorded as being unavailable.
  • Instead of flagging ‘Check Unknown’ for invalid data on the Data Quality Dashboard, there’s now is a more detailed explanation of the error, and you can click the error to resolve it.
  • When printing a Statement of Exam Results you can choose to not show individual qualifications e.g. Short Course RE.
  • Delete staff members from the Group MIS from the bottom of their Staff Profile.

Coming soon...


You’ll be able to add a repeating planned absence, so you can quickly record that a student will be absent between certain times every day or every week.


See percentages of students achieving certain grades across multiple assessments by setting up our new School Assessment Measures. 

DfE Assessments

When the End of Key Stage results are released on the 9th of July, you’ll be able to import your KS2 results using a CTF, then view the whole-school analysis in DfE Assessments > View Marks > Select Assessment.

Group MIS Improvements

We’re working on:

  • Adding new DfE Assessment pages in time for results day on the 9th of July. You’ll be able to go to Analytics > Attainment & Progress > Select Key Stage > MIS Data > DfE Assessments.
  • Improving Group Staff Profiles for easier management of your Group staff members’ details and permissions. 
  • Making the navigation menus easier to use.


If you want to propose your own improvement idea, contact our Customer Support Team.

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