2018/2019 Product Update Roundup 29 - Behaviour Templates, Repeating Planned Absences and Exams Improvements

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The Headlines

Repeating Planned Absences

Now you can create a repeating planned absence, there’s no more need to input each one individually. You can create them all at once, choosing to repeat daily, weekly or every other week, then easily edit or delete each individual absence if needed! Take a look at this article to see how to record your first repeating planned absence.




  • We've made improvements to the Behaviour Setup section. All your settings can now be found on one page with tabs separating each part. We've also re-organised the content on each tab to make it easier to find the information you need.


  • Create custom incident communication templates for each level of incident severity in School > Communications > Templates. Then go to Behaviour Setup > Incidents Tab > Automatic Incident Workflows. Select the severity and select Send message template to primary guardian (incident) to modify the template type.


  • Use our new communication template to let guardians know when their child has a detention. Modify the messages in Templates or toggle this feature by going to your Automatic Incident Workflows and selecting the severity of the incident and then Send message template to primary guardian (detention).




  • Your students will never lose their Statements of Entry or Exam Results now they’re available on the Parent Portal and Arbor App! Results can only be viewed once the embargo date and time you’ve chosen has passed. This feature is off by default, and you can toggle this in your Parent Portal Settings.


  • In in-house exams, you no longer need to assign candidates to an instance and sitting at the same time, and can easily create sittings in multiple rooms at once. See our updated articles for setting up in-house exams and assigning candidates for full instructions.


  • When adding a grade set to a qualification in Results > Manual Results entry > Non - EDI or In-House Exams > Results Entry you can now preview the available grades before adding the Aspect.


  • Go to Qualifications > Non-EDI then select the qualification and learning unit to delete an Assessable, or then click the Assessable Instance to delete it or edit the dates and times.


  • Add custom text to the bottom of Candidate Timetables in Examinations > Setup > Overview.



What else is new?

  • Add the DOB, Address, Gender, Looked after, FSM Ethnicity and SEN Status columns to the Fixed Period Exclusions page using the filters.
  • Go to Students > Enrolment > Teaching Groups and select the Memberships tab to view a table of which students are enrolled in each teaching group. 
  • When assigning cover more information is displayed explaining why someone might be unavailable to cover. You can still select ‘unavailable’ staff, and then arrange cover for the clashing events.
  • We have introduced a table view to the Grade Distribution feature to view assessments results for each year group in one assessment period. Click each statistic to drill down into the student groups.
  • If you haven’t yet taken a look at your DfE End of Key Stage results, go to Assessments > DfE Assessments > Analysis to see the statistics. You can also compare results to the National and Outstanding averages from last year by clicking into the statistics on these pages.

Coming soon...


See percentages of students achieving certain grades across multiple assessments by setting up our new School Assessment Measures.

Group MIS Improvements

We’re working on improving Group Staff Profiles for easier management of your Group staff members’ details and permissions and making the navigation menus easier to use.

New Log Incident Permission

We’ll be adding a permission to record incidents but not be able to see or edit any other information. 


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