2018/2019 Product Update Roundup 30 - School Assessment Measures and other improvements

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The Headlines

School Assessment Measures

Our new School Assessment Measures can be used to create bespoke rules for one or multiple assessments combined within an academic year. For example, a common measure in primary schools is the percentage of students who are meeting a certain grade across Reading, Writing and Maths combined.

You can set up these measures by going to Assessment Policy > School Assessment Measures, then go to Summative Tracking > Analysis > Overview dashboard to see what percentage of students are meeting these measures and drill down to see the students.

Take a look at our Help Centre article for full guidance.



 User Data

  • We’ve now added a check for Section 128 - Prohibition from management. You can add this to a staff member’s Staff Profile, or see this check for all staff in School > All Staff > Single Central record. You’ll see three clearance levels - Prohibited, Not prohibited and N/A.


  • Use our new ‘Globally Unique IDs’ in the Custom Report Writer. Every staff member, guardian and student now has an ID which is unique for all users across all school sites.



What else is new?

  • When scheduling an intervention group, choose whether to require an attendance register or a room - great for interventions that take place outside school hours or classrooms.
  • To create assessments that use raw marks, just create a grade point scale to specify the minimum and maximum values and leave it without a grade set. Then select this scale when adding a new assessment to your Assessment Catalogue. 
  • You can now view your class timetable, behaviour, assignments and assessment marksheet all from the left-hand menu of your Lesson Dashboard.


Coming soon...

New Log Incident Permission

We’ll be adding a new permission to record incidents but not be able to see or edit any other information. 


We have been asked by several of our secondary schools to allow you to add internal exclusion reasons, so we’re working on this.


To make it easier for you to see cover that is required, arranged and not required, we’re introducing a colour-coded table view. 

School Assessment Measures

We’ll be improving this feature so you can select your key assessment measures to view on your overview dashboard for at-a-glance tracking of your most important assessment statistics. 

Group MIS Improvements

We’re working on improving Group Staff Profiles for easier management of your Group staff members’ details and permissions and making the navigation menus easier to use.


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