Google G-Suite User Provisioning in Arbor

If you use Google G-Suite you can automatically provision user accounts for Staff and Students from within Arbor. This means you don’t need to use a third party (e.g. Groupcall, Salamandersoft) for this user provisioning.

Just go to School > Data > Export > Google G-Suite User Provisioning.


From here you can provision users (i.e. create, update, and disable user accounts). Don't worry - this won't delete any user accounts.


Step 1 - Connect to the API

Here is a link to Google's advice page with instructions on how to link the API in the first setup of the setup - Set up G Suite.

Create an OAuth2.0 Client

To complete the first step, you need to have first created an OAuth2.0 Client following these instructions with the type of 'Other'.

Once created, download the client credentials, ensuring to rename the downloaded file to 'credentials.json'.


Connect to the API

Click step 1 on the Google G-Suite User Provisioning page - Connect Arbor to Google Directory API.



Select the credentials.json file to upload here by clicking Browse, then click Upload Auth Credentials.



This step will then be marked as Connected.



Step 2 - Grant access

Generate your access token

Click on step 2 - Generate Google Access Token, and click the orange link in the slide over.



You will then need to grant Arbor access to your GSuite account by clicking Allow twice.




Once confirmed, go back to step 2 and click the 'Google G Suite' button, which will request an access code from GSuite.

Copy this code and enter it into Arbor, then click Save Changes.




Your GSuite account should now be connected, and step 3 should automatically show as Enabled.

If it does not, then selected step 3 and click the Re-check if enabled button which will check the correct permissions are set up. If this still does not work then the credentials given in step 1 are not correct.



Step 3 - Sync staff or students


You can now begin to sync staff. To do this, select step 4 and check the Staff Sync Enabled box is ticked. This will schedule all staff in Arbor to be synchronised across to GSuite.



You should see the staff appear in the Staff table on the page.

Important note

This sync will happen overnight, and so will not immediately appear in GSuite.




Repeat the same process if you would like students to be synchronised by clicking Step 5, and selecting Student Sync Enabled, then clicking Save Changes

As with staff, these also sync overnight. Once synced, they will have a tick under Provisioned.

Important note

Student's emails must be marked as their 'Work' email on their student profile for this to pull through.



Deactivating a user


If a staff member has left the school, recording this in Arbor will also suspend the GSuite user.

To deactivate a staff member, you'll need to complete the End Staff Employment workflow to remove their Business Roles, shown in this article.



Students are provisioned based on whether they have an active enrolment into your school.

To remove a student, you can either off-roll them in bulk as part of the New School Year Setup process each year, or by unenrolling them

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