2018/2019 Product Update Roundup 32 - Big improvements to Card Payments

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The Headlines

Payments SCA

Over the next 18 months, new requirements for authenticating online payments called Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) are being introduced to improve security, prevent fraud and protect customers. To read more about SCA, take a look at our Blog Post.

When you make an online payment, SCA requires you to verify that you are who you say you are. In Arbor, this means users or parents now need to complete an extra step to verify the transaction when making a payment through the Arbor MIS, Parent Portal or Arbor App (although some payments under £30 may be exempt). 

For more details on what you will now see in Arbor when making card payments, see our Help Centre Article.




We have been asked by several of our secondary schools to allow you to add internal exclusion reasons, so we’ve made this possible.

Any unwanted reasons (Arbor or user-defined) can be ‘archived’, or you can modify the names of reasons you have already created (if you have not yet recorded internal exclusions using this reason). 

Just go to Students > Behaviour > Setup > Internal Exclusions tab and click +Add in the Internal Exclusion reasons section. 



Refunding Meals by card

You can now make partial and full refunds to payments made by card to Meals and other ‘top-up’ customer account types. You can refund multiple times, up to the total amount initially paid.

See this article for how to issue meal refunds.



What else is new?

  • We’ve added some handy quick actions above the Students list on lesson dashboard - now you can easily add behaviour points, log an incident or assign detention.
  • Link a department to a course in the next academic year in School > School Structure > Departments > Select department > Linked Courses.
  • When a partial payment is made for a club or trip with variable contributions enabled, we now raise a corresponding credit note to balance the invoice total.
  • In line with Census guidance from the DfE, you can now record Permanent Exclusion Reviews on the Student Profile.
  • We’ve been working hard to introduce new assessment features and we’ve got more updates planned for the future, so we’ve retired our Summative Analysis (Legacy) pages.


Coming soon...

Group MIS Improvements

We’re working on improving Group Staff Profiles for easier management of your Group staff members’ details and permissions, and making the navigation menus easier to use.


To make it easy to see which action to complete next, we’ll be restructuring and rearranging the navigation menus.

Target Judgement Rules

You’ll be able to customise our Target Judgement Rules to reflect the language you use in your school, and add additional rules if needed.

Card Payments

Now we’ve enabled refunds for top-up accounts, we’re working on making refunds available for Clubs and Trips too!


If you want to propose your own improvement idea, contact our Customer Support Team.

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