2021/2022 Product Updates Roundup 7 - Global Search and Report Cards are getting better than ever

The Headlines

Global Search

The search box on school sites is now fully keyboard-accessible, results are grouped together by type and you can jump to view all using the handy new View all results button. We’re also introducing more improvements - take a look at the Coming Soon section!



Report Cards

You can now choose to display Target Judgements and colours for summative assessments when setting up your report cards. Report these alongside student marks or choose to only include the judgements to show if the student is on track to meet their target.



Once you’re ready to send them out, you can now quickly lock or unlock Summative and Ad Hoc assessment marks in the marksheets, right from within your Report Cards. Just go to the Report Cards tab, tick the students, then click the blue pencil icon to select Set/Unset Approved. The marks will then lock and report cards will be marked as approved in just a few minutes.



Sync staff data at the touch of a button

Plan your budget more easily and accurately by syncing your data directly from Arbor MIS into SBS Budgets, the leading budget management software for education. With no need for double data entry, the flexible and user-friendly system will save you time and help you drill down into your school spending to concentrate on what matters most.



What else is new?

  • You can now report on in-house exam results for Students in the Custom Report Writer. Just add the In House Exam Result column and select the exam and instance!
  • Our Microsoft School Data Sync integration allows you to choose whether to use Arbor Usernames or the Default Email Usernames for students and staff. Plus, improved validation to prevent duplicates when updating email addresses.
  • Use the new Attainment Over Time page on the Group MIS to see overall assessment grades or group by demographics, year group or school and spot key trends. You can also drill all the way down to take action at the student profile level.
  • You can now see evidence provided in the Curriculum Tracking Markbook on student profiles.
  • We’ve removed ‘Learner has transferred to a new learning aim with the same provider' from the list of withdrawal options for Programmes of Study. You should use the Transfer button to use this option.


Coming soon…

Arbor search

We’re making updates to the search bar on your school site, including improved permissions and lots of new search fields.

User Defined Fields

Introducing some new UDF types, plus the ability to customise who can see UDFs on a field by field basis.

Wraparound care

Sign students up to wraparound care sessions in bulk from the Club Participants page.


Want to show different information on marksheets based on the student group or assessment? With our new customisable marksheet templates, you can include any columns you want, and set these differently for different assessments.

Student tutoring

To report in the spring census, we’re adding an area where you can input Covid tutoring hours.


We publish a roundup of our releases every other Friday here. You can also see what else we’re working on using our RoadmapWhy not also join in the conversation in the Arbor Community?

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