Group MIS has a new name - MAT MIS

Have you noticed our subtle name change? You may have seen MAT MIS mentioned - it’s the new name for Group MIS. New name, same vision but with added features!

So why the change? From customer feedback we learnt that Group MIS could be confusing and didn’t make it clear who we’d built the product for. Working with you, we have re-named and re-shaped our vision and built out new features to make MAT MIS a true mission control for your central team.

Rather than just helping you to see and share your data, your updated MAT MIS is now built to help you run your trust as one cohesive unit, take context-driven actions, and support your central team in adding value to your schools.

With these new tools to hand, we hope that MAT MIS becomes part of your daily, weekly and monthly workflows — supporting your central team, and ultimately helping you to help your schools.

You can still access all of the Help Centre resources you’ve been using by typing ‘MAT MIS’ into the search bar or jump straight in here: MAT MIS

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