Why are my attendance certificates different to my lesson attendance reports?

You can view attendance statistics in different ways depending on what information you want to report on. For example, you can create a custom report with these columns:

  • lesson attendance (present) for the percentage attendance for students in their lessons
  • statutory/roll call attendance (present) for the percentage attendance for students in their registration sessions

The two percentages can be different because statutory/roll call attendance only looks at attendance marks collected during the roll call periods, not at every lesson that happened that day. You can see how to make sure these have been set up correctly here: Roll Call times

In the example below I have the two columns, showing lesson attendance of 97.2% and statutory/roll call attendance of 97.8%.



Here's the same report on the Attendance > Statistics page.



If you've found that attendance data in a report you've made is different to the data on the attendance certificates, make sure to check if your report is looking at lesson attendance or statutory/roll call attendance.

Attendance certificates include statutory/roll call attendance only, and won't show data for any lessons that occurred outside of these times.


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