How can teachers mark assessment strands?

When you have a summative assessment setup to include strands, teachers will only be able to enter assessment data into the strands and not the overall grade for the assessment. This is because this overall grade is derived from the data entered into each strand. Teachers can use any of the methods outlined in our Adding marks article to mark their assessment strands.

Before teachers can see the assessment strands in their marksheets and enter data into them, you will need to have linked each assessment strand with the course that relates to it. 

To do this, someone with the permission Assessments: Administer permission will need to use the Global Search to find the course that needs to be linked to the assessment strands. If you don't have the permission, you'll need to ask your admin team to give you permission using these instructions.



Once on the course, scroll down to the Assessment Characteristics section. 

Click on Assessable Course. Make sure this is set to Yes by using the tick box in the slide over.



In the slide over that appears choose the assessment strands in the Linked Assessments drop down. You'll see in the example below that I'm in the process of choosing all 4 of my Chemistry strands here.

Save Changes and the teachers will be able to see and mark the strands when they go to their marksheets. 



For example, when the Chemistry teacher goes to My Items > My Classes if they click on Full Marksheet under Course: Chemistry they can see their marksheet and enter data for all of the strands:


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