2020/2021 Product Updates Roundup 21 - Reduce login issues, manage cover and keep your Trust updated

The Headlines

Resolve duplicate email addresses

One of the biggest reasons parents and staff have trouble logging on is because their email address is being used on multiple profiles, so the system won’t know which to log into.

Reduce those logging in queries using our new Duplicate emails page - perfect to check before rolling out the Parent Portal!



My Classroom

We’ve added live attainment data to My Classroom, giving you a snapshot of student progress lesson-to-lesson. Choose the grades and targets to track directly on your seating plan so you can identify and support both your high and low achievers. See how to get started here: Attainment in My Classroom

Plus, we’ve fixed the issue where fonts in My Classroom were displaying as Times New Roman on Windows devices.



Cover and timetabling

You can now import Non-Teaching Activities (NTAs) from TimeTabler, allowing you to import any events, PPA, break duty etc. Map to an event type already existing in Arbor, or import a new event type.

Choose which events need cover when importing, and toggle this setting for events from the School > TimeTable > All Events (List) page. Just click a future event from this page to choose if cover would be required, or edit the participants.

See how to import from TimeTabler here, or how to mark events as requiring cover or not if a staff member is absent here.



Group MIS HR

If you have the Contract Management: All Group Staff permission, you can now record loads more HR details for Group MIS staff:

  • Report on any absences (taking working periods into account) and payroll numbers for your Group MIS staff members from our new Group Staff > Absences > All Staff Absences and Statistics pages.
  • Set up pay scales and spinal points for your Group MIS staff from the Group Staff > HR Admin page, and add them to your Group staff member’s contracts from the Contracts > Salary section of their Group MIS staff profile.
  • For contractors, you can log hourly or daily rates in the Contracts > Daily/Hourly rate section of their Group MIS staff profile.



What else is new?

  • If your school uses the Parent Portal, there’s an easy way to respond to in-app messages! Select the message right from the Communication Log and click the Action button to create the message. Much quicker than having to go create a new mail merge, plus the guardian’s original message will automatically be included! See more on how this works in the Replying to an in-app message sent by a guardian section here.
  • Clashing events now display side-by-side (rather than on top of each other) on the 5-day calendar view.
  • On student profiles, you can see their last, current and next events - this now includes interventions.
  • Trust leaders can now easily email staff, students and guardians across their schools, or their Group MIS staff, right from within the Group MIS - take a look here.
  • We've made managing nursery enrolment into registers easier. You can see how to complete step 6 of the New School Year Setup process for your nursery students here. If you've already completed this step before the changes, you can continue with the New School Year Setup.
  • Previously, planned absence pre-fill marks would show on the Bulk Edit Marks Advanced page, even if the mark in the register had been changed. Now we show the mark that’s in the register.
  • The grid on the School > Timetable > Staff Timetable page now stays the same height as the page, so you don’t need to scroll down to be able to move the bar to the left or right.


Coming soon…


We’re putting the final touches on sharing exam results with students or their guardians via email, and students via the Student Portal.


To help with managing your school shop or other Customer Account Types, we’ll make it possible to raise invoices in bulk.


We publish a roundup of our releases every other Friday here. You can also see what else we’re working on using our RoadmapWhy not also join in the conversation in the Arbor Community?

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