2021/2022 Product Updates Roundup 9 - Email report cards to students and share UDFs with the right staff

The Headlines


You can now view your different grade sets for an assessment next to the mark entry column. Enable this for all assessments from your Marksheet Settings, or choose to show them using the filters at the top of the marksheet.

Hover over the mark to now see the statistical value behind a baseline, grade or target and find out why a student isn’t at target.



Sharing Report Cards

You can now share report cards with students, not just guardians. Email in bulk, or individually by selecting the students and using the bulk actions in the Report Cards tab.

We've split out sharing reports cards into their own buttons - click Share Report Cards to share on the Parent or Student Portal, or one of the Email buttons to send via email to parents or students.



Use the new From drop-down box to select who to send the report card as (providing you are a Permitted Sender) rather than having to send from yourself or use complex workarounds.

Need to edit the email message sent to students? Edit from School > Communications > Templates, just like for guardian emails.



User Defined Fields

We’ve introduced the ability to set permissions on a UDF by UDF basis, meaning you can decide which staff can see and edit them. Just select what area the UDF relates to and see the permissions needed to view and edit the UDF.

UDFs on student profiles now show in their own section rather than in Other.



What else is new?

  • We’ve renamed the Pastoral notes column on the lesson dashboard to reflect what it actually shows - pinned pastoral, safeguarding, SEN and behavioural notes.
  • Choose to display the event a behaviour incident took place in, and who recorded the incident on the Parent Portal and Arbor App. You can switch this on from Parent Portal Settings.
  • Use the new Course Name (bottom level by subject) field in the Custom Report Writer to see what bottom level course a student is enrolled in for a given subject. Like the Enrolment > Courses > Memberships page, but by subject rather than course, so you can see all groups for Science, for example.
  • Choose which grades are shown to parents in Report Cards - just click the summative assessment from Attainment tab to select the Display grade set to use. Don’t change this to just show the default marking grade set used in marksheets.
  • Choose to colour-code Curriculum assessment marks from the General tab of report cards. For example, if curriculum mastery is below 20%, it’ll show red unless you switch this setting off. See a full breakdown by hovering over the question mark.


Coming soon…


Want to show different information on marksheets based on the student group or assessment? With our new customisable marksheet templates, you can include any columns you want, and set these differently for different assessments.

Custom group alerts

Choose staff to be notified when students join or leave a custom group.

Group MIS

We’re adding bulk actions to key student lists on the Group MIS, so you can email students or guardians directly from that page, plus more Assessment Analysis pages are coming soon.


Guardians of applicants will be able to access the Parent Portal and Arbor App just like for current students.


We publish a roundup of our releases every other Friday here. You can also see what else we’re working on using our RoadmapWhy not also join in the conversation in the Arbor Community?

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