Summer 2022 Exam Entry Codes

We're aware that certain Awarding Organisations have revised the entry codes on offer for the June 2022 summer exam series, in a similar way to revisions made in the summer of 2021. If you attempt to make entries for an entry code that is not in use for summer 2022, you will find that you are unable to select a 'Series' as part of the entry workflow. In order to make your entries, you'll need to add the correct entry code to your Qualification Offering page.

Which Awarding Organisations have made changes?

So far, we are aware that changes to the usual entry codes are in place for:

  • AQA
    • Multiple subjects across both A Levels and GCSEs, including:
      • Design and Technology GCSE (8552 => 8552E)
      • Music GCSE (8271 => 8271E)
      • Photography GCSE (8206 => 8206C)
  • Pearson
    • History GCSE (Option codes being with either 1HIA or 1HIB this summer) - we recommend using their History Option Code Calculator if you're unsure of the option code to use!
  • WJEC
    • History (Cash-in code C100QS replaced with three options [C101PA/C101PB/C101PB]
    • English Literature (Code C720QS not in used, with three options replacing it - see WJEC's guidance around this.)

How can I check the correct entry codes?

We'd recommend consulting the awarding organisations' entry code manuals - these can be found at the following links:

  • AQA
  • Pearson (you will need to select the desired manual from a list of qualification types).
  • WJEC (click on the link for 'Entries Procedures and Coding Booklet' to download the manual).

What do I need to do to add the correct codes?

You'll just need to head to your Qualification Offering page and add in the correct entry code via the '+Add new' button. For linear qualifications (where the Award and Unit share the same entry code), be sure to tick both the Award and Unit when adding in the new code.

Do I need to send you basedata?

No, you won't need to send basedata to us for any of the above qualifications - we only require you to send basedata for Pearson BTEC registrations/results (9B and 7B). Arbor imports all publicly available basedata overnight following its release.

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