Can I give a parent a receipt showing they have paid for a Club, Trip or Meal?

It isn't possible to print receipts in Arbor when a payment is made. However, you can take a screenshot of the payment where it is held in Arbor and print invoices.

Clubs payments are used in this example, but these methods can be used for Trips and Meals too - just select Trips or Meals instead from the payments section of the student profile.

View payments made

Go to the Student Profile and go to Payments > Clubs > Account Overview in the left-hand menu.

Take a screenshot of this page which shows payment from the past 30 days.



You can also click on the payment for more payment details.



Viewing and downloading invoices

Go to the Student Profile and go to Payments > Clubs > Invoices on the left-hand menu.

Click on the green writing at the top of the page to adjust the filters if needed, and click on the invoice.


Click the grey More Information button



Click the green Print Invoice button


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