How do I send an email to Governors?

Staff can only be emailed through Arbor if they have a staff profile, an active business role and an email address logged on their profile.


Step 1 - Create their profile

Use this article to create a profile for the Governor. Arbor has Governing Body Member as a business role for you to select. Make sure all members have the same business role if you want to send an email to only governors.

Make sure to add an email to their profile. You don't have to send the user login details to Arbor if they don't need to access Arbor, only receive emails.

What if they have a profile already?

Make sure they have an active business role. You can use this article to add a business role to a staff member.

Make sure they have an email address under the Contact Details section of their profile.

I don't want these profiles to be included in the Workforce Census

You can use this article to exclude staff profiles from the Workforce Census.


Step 2 - Send the email

You can then use this article on Sending an email. You can select Governing Body Member in the 'To' section. This will send that email to everyone with that role.


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