Does trip attendance contribute to statutory attendance?

When students are scheduled to be going on a school trip, you may have opted to take an attendance register for the trip. 


When this option is selected and the register for the trip is taken, it will not populate the register for the standard scheduled lesson for the same day/time. This means you will need to fill in the attendance mark in registers to be able to record a statutory roll call mark for the student.

Where students are on a trip, we advise that you do one of two things to avoid registers being left incomplete:

  1. Mark the students on the class register(s) with the appropriate attendance codes. This would normally be the 'V' code, but you can assign any other appropriate attendance code.
  2. Add a planned absence for all students on the trip. On the day of the trip, all marked pupils will be automatically registered with the 'V' code (once you open the class registers).

If any students are absent where they were supposed to be present for the trip, you would need to manually amend their attendance codes to reflect the reason for the absence. So you would need to mark them as absent for the trip and in the normal register.

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