Arbor Academy Payments Setup & User Training

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As this is an Arbor Academy session deliver online, you will be joining alongside other Schools.

Payments Setup & User Training

Session Title Description/Content Approx. Duration (in Mins) Who is the session for?

Payments Setup

Setting up Accounts and Card Payments, adding School Bank Accounts and setting Initial Account Balances

45 Business Manager, Office Manager

Managing Payments

Account Overview, payee account details & balances, viewing payee details on the student profiles, invoices, creating a new invoice, cancelling invoices and printing, topping up and refunding Accounts, creating a credit, managing payments and reconciliation reports.


Business Manager, Office Manager


Please note: The timings above are approximate. Actual timings will depend on number of attendees and level of Chat and Q&A interaction from attendees during the session.


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