Book Training FAQ - Primary Onboarding

This guidance is for Primary Schools and Special Schools going through our Primary Onboarding. Secondary Schools should contact their Arbor Project Manager.


We recommend that every school has training with our expert Training Team, to show them how to get the most out of their new MIS! Now you’re onboarding to Arbor, you’ll need to book and attend your training sessions, so we have put together a handy FAQ below.

How do I know what training I have purchased?

The training services you have purchased will be listed in your contract, so this is a great place to look to get this information. If you don't have access to that information, please contact your Project Lead, who should be able to let you know, but you can also reach out to the onboarding team ( if you’re not sure and they’ll be able to help!

When will I receive my training & how do I book?

Your Arbor Project Lead will receive emails containing links to book the training sessions you have purchased. You will receive these emails in week 1 of your onboarding journey. 
Only 1 person per school needs to sign up for each training session but once this booking has been approved by our trainers, you will be able to share the unique link and join from up to three devices (e.g. Laptop, tablet, computer-projector screen).

Once you have registered for a session, you will need to wait for confirmation from Zoom which will come via an email with your joining details and a unique session link. You can then click the link to join the session at the specified date and time.

Do you have staff members that can't make the session? Don't worry, if someone attended the session, the person who registered will receive an email the following day with links to some pre-recorded versions of the training you attended. These videos contain the key content from the session in a more condensed format to make them easier to watch back and share with other people in your school. 

When should we book each session?

We recommend that every school purchases and attends our Arbor Academy Pre Launch and Arbor Academy Post Launch Training sessions as a minimum.

Arbor Academy Pre Launch

The Arbor Academy Pre Launch and Post Launch training are aimed mainly at admin staff. The Pre Launch training covers the things the admin team will need to know for the first day of using Arbor.

The pre-launch training should be completed before your go live with your Arbor site. Click here to view the agenda.

Arbor Academy Post Launch

The Post Launch training covers a more in-depth look at the things the admin team will need to know to use Arbor in the first few weeks

The post-launch training should be booked after the migration, within the first term of using Arbor. Click here to view the agenda.

Other Training

If you have purchased training for any of the following, you will need to book these sessions for a date before or as close to the date that you intend to start using these modules in Arbor (the agendas are available by clicking on the links below):

For example, if you want to use the meals, payments, and parent portal in Arbor from day 1, you will need to book and attend training on these modules before your Arbor go live, as the training you have purchased will show you how to set up and use these modules. However, if you are not planning on using these modules until a few months after your Arbor MIS launches, you can book them at a later date. 

Important note

Any training purchased will expire after 12 months from the date of purchase, so don't forget to book in your training sessions!

Do you have any additional Training resources?

The answer is YES! Our wonderful Help Centre is full of Articles and Videos to help support you using your Arbor and to help you learn as much as you can to really make the most out of your new MIS, so please share any articles you find useful out to your wider team. 

We also have our free, bitesize, e-learning course and our Basic Teacher Training guide, which are both great resources to share out to teachers or anyone who only needs to take a register for the first time in Arbor. The e-learning course is also great to share out to anyone logging in to Arbor for the first time.

What do I do if I want more training than I have purchased?

Get in touch with if you have any questions about the training you have purchased. If you would like to purchase any more training, we can put you in touch with your Account Manager who will be able to help.

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