Analyse assessments for past years excluding students who have left your school

If you want to analyse assessments for past years, students who have left may skew your figures on pages that show percentages. For example, on the Students > Assessments > Summative Tracking > Analysis > Grade Distribution page, blank marks are included in the percentages.



In the example above, one student left in the summer term, so hasn't been given a mark for the assessment, and this is skewing the percentages.

To make your percentages exclude students who have left and have no mark, follow the instructions below.



  • School: General Admin: Export Data - Create a custom report
  • School: Action: Custom Group: View/Administer - Add students to a custom group

If you don't have this permission, ask your admin team to assign it to you.


Step 1 - Create a custom report to add students to a custom group

Go to Students > Custom Report Writer and create a new report about Students.

Select a custom date range, and put in the last day of your summer term last year.


Don't add any columns and click Skip setup wizard. Then click Save and View Report.

Tick the box next to the blue pencil icon to select all the students, then click the blue pencil icon to select Add to Custom Group.



In the slide over, fill in the Add to New Group section. Select last year, and make sure the dates selected are for last year also.



Step 2 - Use the custom group in your analysis

Go to the analysis page you want to use and click into the filters.

Select students in your custom group, and add the group you want to analyse.



You'll then see your analysis will exclude students who weren't enrolled at the end of term last year, and your percentages will be updated.


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