eLearning: Checking my Arbor site

Welcome to the Arbor eLearning module for Checking my Arbor site. This module is suitable for Arbor Champions.

In this module you will:

  • Understand what you need to check when your Arbor site is first released.
  • Learn the answers to some of our most frequently-asked questions from brand new Arbor schools.

This module will take around 30 minutes to complete.

As Arbor Champion, you will be the first person at your school to gain access to your Arbor site. We suggests a range of data checks, both before releasing the site to the rest of your staff and over your first few weeks using Arbor, to make sure all of your data has migrated properly.

Before Site Release After Site Release Staff Login Troubleshooting Test of Learning

Uploading your school logo

You can customise your Arbor site so your school logo appears in place of the Arbor shield in the top-left corner. This logo will also be used in various printouts such as labels and reports.

To upload your logo, go to School > School Details, and then click on the logo highlighted with an arrow below:


To learn more about this process, including the recommended file type for your logo, please check the link below:

Changing the School Logo

Data Migration Report

On your Site Release email, you will be advised to download your Data Migration Report. This report takes a snapshot of the data that has been imported to Arbor, and you can use it as a tool to ensure everything has migrated correctly. You can read about this process on our Help Centre article linked below:

Checking your Data Migration Report

Business Roles and Permissions

Before releasing your new Arbor site to the rest of your staff, you will want to make sure that everyone has the correct roles and permissions. 

Business Roles, which are usually based on the staff member's contract, will give users a set of permissions that allow them access to certain parts of the system. For example, a Business Manager will have access to financial functions within Arbor, and a teacher will only be able to see detailed information relating to their own students.

You can learn more about Business Roles and Permissions in the video below:

If you're unsure which business role would be suitable for your member of staff, we recommend that you take the time to look through the available business roles and the permissions associated with the role in order to make your decision on which one to assign to your staff members.

You can follow these steps to view the permissions associated with each business role:

  1. Go to School > Users & Security
  2. Select a Business Role and then click on Permissions on the left-hand side.

You might find that you need to assign staff members extra permissions that aren't part of their current business role. You can assign any ad-hoc permissions that a user might need by following the instructions in the article linked below:

Viewing a staff member's permissions and giving them an ad-hoc permissions

Further Resources

Roles and Permissions (Help Centre articles)

Roles and Permissions eLearning article (coming soon)   

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