Emails from Arbor

Once your school goes live with Arbor, we may send you updates via email to let you know of important developments and to help you prepare for key milestones, such as the Census.

Who receives the emails?

Our mailing list is based on your account settings in Arbor. You'll receive our update emails if you have an active business role assigned to you that would do administrative tasks in Arbor, such as a Data Manager, or SLT.

Can I be added to the mailing list?

To be added to the mailing list, you'll need to be given an active administrative business role. Please ask your staff to follow these instructions: Adding a Business Role to a member of staff

Once you have an active administrative business role, you'll be included in our next email.

How can I remove myself from the mailing list?

You have two options for removing yourself from the mailing list: 

  • Unsubscribe - If you still work at the school but don't want to receive our emails, click the link at the bottom of our email to unsubscribe
  • Stop access - If you no longer work at the school, please ask the school to remove your access (and you from our mailing list) by following these instructions: How to end a staff member's employment to disable access

Please note that it is not possible to be unsubscribed from emails about only certain topics.

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