Can we remove the colour-coding for curriculum assessments in report cards?

It isn't possible to remove the colour-coding from Formative Marksheets, but you can remove the colour-coded portion from the Report Cards.

In your report card, scroll down to the Attainment > Curriculum Assessment section, click the curriculum and untick the Summative Grade box. This will remove the top table of results from the report card, including the colour-coding.


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I'm still stuck!


  • Gwyn Mabo the problem with your solution is that it removes the grade as well.  Where is the colour coding being driven out from and why can't it be modified?

  • Hi Rob, the colour-coding is Arbor-defined and is based on the grade given. It ranges from red to green depending on how many grades there are in between. I'm afraid there isn't the ability to amend the colours that show.


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