Do covid-related attendance codes impact attendance statistics?

Although our I02 code is for covid-related illness, it will still contribute towards your attendance figures, as this maps back to the illness code (I).

As our X0? codes map back to the X code in line with DfE guidance, these do not count towards your attendance figures. This means you won't be able to report on these codes in the Attendance > Absentees or Statistics areas of Arbor and might find your attendance figures are lower or higher than expected

The attendance figures on your Arbor Dashboard won't take these marks into account so will show a higher statistic for attendance than if these codes were included.



Students who have been marked with these codes will not have these marks included in their attendance statistics. You can see some examples below.

Students who have been marked with these codes since September will show N/A in their attendance statistics on their student profile.



Students who have been marked with only present or these codes will show as 100% attendance.



Students who have been marked with only absent or these codes will show as 0% attendance.



Students who have had a mix of present, absent and these codes will show attendance based on the present and absence marks only. For example, if the student has 26 present marks, 26 absent marks and 52 X06 marks, they will have 50% attendance.


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