Why is my summative assessment not added to my Annual Policy?

When trying to add an assessment to your Annual Policy, Secondary schools may encounter the message that the subjects set for the student groups selected don't match the subject set for the assessment you want to set up.

When this happens, the assessment will not be added to your Annual Policy.



You'll need to change some subject settings to be able to add the assessment to your Annual Policy.

First, check the subject for the assessment from Students > Assessment > Assessment Framework > Assessment Catalogue. Go to the Setup tab and select the assessment. Here I can see the assessment has the subject of Chemistry.



Next, you'll need to change or remove the subject for the student groups you are trying to link to the assessment.

Go to School > Programmes > Courses and click on the course. Click into the Subject field to either change it to match the assessment or remove it.



If you choose to remove it, you will not be able to bulk update the modules from here.



You will also need to click into each bottom-level course to remove the subject. You can do this by going to School > Programmes > Courses and clicking +Add to find the bottom-level courses.



You can then add the assessment to your Annual Policy. This is because the student groups selected have no subject or a subject that matches. You can add the subject back into your courses later if required.


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