Why do we still have a census error or query?

If a census error or query has not been removed, 

  1. Regenerate your census - You need to regenerate your census for the errors you've resolved to be removed. Just click the orange button at the right-hand side of your census page and wait for the notification that it has generated. Click the notification to check the errors have been removed.
  2. Double-check - Check that you've followed the instructions to resolve the error correctly. You can see guidance for resolving them by typing the code into the search box in the Help Centre.
  3. Submit a note - If you are unable to resolve a query or tont error in COLLECT, you won't be able to remove it. You'll need to submit an explanation note when you submit your census to COLLECT. Take a look at the DfE’s COLLECT guides for help with what explanations to submit for any existing queries.
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