eLearning: Managing Student Information

Welcome to the Arbor eLearning module for the Student Profile. This module is suitable for Admins.

In this module you will learn:

  • Adding New Students.
  • What information can be accessed from the student profile.
  • How to download data collection sheets and the student profile.
  • How to navigate to SEN section and add the SEN status.
  • How to manage and report on demographic information, including Pupil Premium.
  • How to manage the guardian’s data.

This module will take around 30 minutes to complete.

Adding New Students The Student Profile Student Demographics Managing Guardian Data Test of Learning
There are three ways of adding a new student to Arbor:
  • Importing a CTF

  • Manually adding students one at a time

  • Uploading the Applicant Template

Importing a CTF

This is the most common way of adding a new student onto your Arbor system. CTFs are a standardised file format used to transfer student information between schools in England and Wales. In addition to creating a profile for the student in Arbor, CTFs can also be used to update student information. To learn more about importing a student into Arbor using a CTF, please watch the video linked below, or have a read through our further resources.

Manually adding a new student

You can also manually add a new student onto Arbor by going to Students > All Students > Add New Student. Once you have navigated to that page, you will see the form below:


You can then fill in some basic student information; the fields with asterisks are compulsory. Once you've filled in all the details you need, you can then click the Create Student button at the bottom-right. The student's profile will now be in Arbor, and you can fill in any additional information and enrol them.


The other way of importing students is using the Applicant Import spreadsheet. This is best suited to when you have a new intake of students, as you can add a large number of students without having their CTFs.

In order to import the applicant template, you will need to create an intake season. To learn how to do this, follow the instructions in this article.

You can then download the template for the applicant import spreadsheet by going to Students > All Students > Applicants > Intake Season > Applicant Uploads, and then clicking the Download Template button.

It is in your best interest to fill out as much of this template as is possible, as it saves you having to manually update the information in Arbor at a later date. You can then upload this spreadsheet by clicking the '+Add' button on the Applicant Uploads screen.

To learn more about adding applicants into Arbor, please look at our resources linked below:

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