Can we exclude or remove students from an email, SMS, letter or in-app message?

In Arbor, there isn't the option to select a whole group for a mail merge, then remove certain recipients before sending. For example, an email to your whole school apart from one student. You can see how to manage this below.

Please note that you can unsubscribe someone from communications, or delete a recipient's email before sending, but this will prevent them from receiving all mail merge communications.

Set up bespoke mailing lists for mail merge communications

Sending communications to only some recipients in a group

You might need to send a communication to a group of students/guardians that are not selectable in the To box, such as students with a certain SEN status, FSM or guest pupils.

If you only have a few students to message, you can select the individual students/guardians here.



If you have many students/guardians that you need to message regularly, or only some of the students/guardians that belong to a group, you can set up a custom group. You'll then be able to add them when sending a new mail merge communication. You can see how to create a group specifically for SEN students here.



Excluding students from whole school communications

You might need to exclude some students from communications to the whole school, such as students at your alternative provision or nursery. You can't deselect students when sending a new mail merge communication.

You can set up a custom group of the students/guardians you do need to message, making sure to not add the students/guardians you want to exclude from the group. You'll then be able to select the custom group when sending a new mail merge communication.


Exclude from communications on the student group page

You can exclude students/guardians if you're sending the communication from the student group page. This includes:

Just tick the students you want to send communications for (don't tick the students you want to exclude), then click the blue pencil icon to select the communication option. You would need to repeat this for different classes, for example.


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