2021/2022 Product Updates Roundup 5 - Manage your message drafts and clubs more easily than ever before

The Headlines

Mail Merge Message Drafts

We've introduced the ability for you to view and manage an unlimited number of message drafts for Email, SMS, Letter and In-App Messages). Just go to School > Communications > Communication type > Drafts to access your drafts or to New Mail Merge to start a new draft.

You can see full instructions on using this feature here: Save, manage and return to communication drafts to send later



Improvements to the Global Search

You can now use the search bar to find Arbor pages! Just type in the name of any page in the top menus you have permission to access to jump right there. We’ll be adding the ability to access more pages in the future, so watch this space.




Breakfast and After-school Clubs

We’ve introduced three new features to Wraparound care to save you time managing memberships:

  • We’ve introduced the Club Daily Summary page in the left-hand menu for all standard and wraparound care clubs. On this page, change the date and click Change date to see students who registered for and attended on that date.
  • Wraparound club sessions are now displayed in full on a student’s calendar. Hover over the session on the calendar to view which interval they’ve been signed up to.
  • Cancel participation in Wraparound Care Club sessions in bulk from the Club Participants page, without needing to go into each session. Just select the student and the sessions to cancel, then use the pencil icon.




What else is new?

  • The cover events in the slide over on the Cover > Statistics pages are now displayed in order of when the cover happened, rather than when it was created.
  • If you use Applicaa, you can now use their newest version of Admissions+ to manage your future applications. Contact Applicaa if you’d like to set up your integration.
  • If you choose to enable Pinned notes to show on the lesson dashboard, this now includes pinned Behaviour notes. This means teachers can more easily track and update students’ behaviour in the classroom.
  • If you add a year-long Additional Payment to a staff contract, we will now pro-rata the amounts so you don’t need to add monthly payments for the Workforce Census.


Coming soon…

Arbor search

We’re making improvements to the search bar on your school site. Got ideas about what you’d like to see? Add them here.

Group MIS

We’re introducing a new assessment analysis page. The Group MIS Attainment Over Time page will work similarly to the one on school sites.


We’ll be improving on the ability to restrict the attendance marks, to prevent teachers from changing pre-fill attendance marks in registers.


We publish a roundup of our releases every other Friday here. You can also see what else we’re working on using our RoadmapWhy not also join in the conversation in the Arbor Community?

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