2021/2022 Product Updates Roundup 6 - More easily manage student enrolments and attendance marks

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Bulk student enrolment

Previously just for nursery year groups, the Bulk Enrolment page can now be used to manage enrolment for any students in your school!

No need to reimport a spreadsheet, or manage tricky automatic enrolments - the Bulk Enrolment page allows you to view enrolments into multiple classes at once and quickly add new students or remove them from a register.

Take a look here for full instructions: Our bulk enrolment page



Prevent attendance from being overwritten

You let us know that it was too easy for teachers to change planned absence marks to N codes in the registers, so we’ve introduced a new setting to help prevent this from happening. Go to Students > Attendance > Admin > Take Register Settings and click into the Prevent Absences from being overwritten option. When set to Yes:

  • You can’t change a pre-fill planned absence mark to a different absence mark
  • If you select late or present, you’ll be reminded the student already has an absence, and you’ll need to confirm



Viewing planned absences

We’ve always shown planned absences in the Students list on the Lesson Dashboard, but now we’ve moved them into their own columns, allowing you to more easily see any pre-filled planned absence marks and comments before you open the register.

You can also now see planned absence marks and comments on the Attendance > Bulk Edit Marks Standard page, and on the Attendance > Marks (By Date) page on student profiles.



What else is new?

  • We’ve made improvements to the School > Timetable > Clashes page, including sticky filters, options to view Students, Staff or Rooms (or a combination), an extra column for the clashing event timeslot and the ability to jump right into resolving the clash by clicking the event.
  • We've now added Year Group and Registration Form to the Assessments > Summative Tracking > Export > Raw Summative Marks and Targets & Baselines pages.
  • Absent marks are now displayed as a red cross on the Wraparound Care Club Daily Summary page, where they used to show as a grey cell.
  • We’ve sped up the time it takes to generate or refresh report cards for large schools.
  • Ad Hoc assessments will now show on Report Cards as long as the assessment period overlaps with the report card attainment date range. Previously, the date range needed to be set to the beginning of the year to include annual Ad Hocs, meaning students who were no longer doing an assessment would still have it showing on their Report Card.
  • The minimum length for passwords has now been updated to 7 characters.
  • We've added the qualification level to the Exam Statement of Results so users can easily see if it’s a GCSE/BTEC/A-Level.
  • To help you check if students have multiple addresses recorded, we’ve added the Number of current postal addresses field. Just select it in the Custom Report Writer when reporting on Students or Parents, Guardians and Contacts.
  • Add in how many hours a course contributes to EEP hours (if at all) in bulk by selecting the Student Course EEP Hours Contribution option in the Students table within a course. View the calculated totals or update these figures from the Bulk Update > Learning and EEP Hours page.


Coming soon…

Arbor search

We’re making updates to the search bar on your school site, including improved accessibility and new search fields. Got ideas about what you’d like to see? Add them here.

Group MIS

We’re introducing a new assessment analysis page. The Group MIS Attainment Over Time page will work similarly to the one on school sites.

User Defined Fields

Introducing some new UDF types, plus the ability to customise who can see UDFs on a field by field basis.

Report Cards

Target Judgements will be displayed in Report Cards, and you’ll be able to mark them as approved in bulk.


We publish a roundup of our releases every other Friday here. You can also see what else we’re working on using our RoadmapWhy not also join in the conversation in the Arbor Community?

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