Can we use formative assessments to track completion of GCSE or BTEC specifications?

You can use Arbor's Curriculum Tracking assessments to track the completion of any curriculum, no matter your school type, as long as you have purchased the Perform package.

We do supply some out-of-the-box Curriculum Tracking assessments for primaries, such as Rising Stars, and some for secondaries, such as DfE NC KS3 Maths.

However, we do not supply out-of-the-box Curriculum Tracking assessments for KS4 GCSE or BTEC assessments. This is because there are a vast number of different curriculums here, which can have their list of statements change.

To set up your own curriculum assessment, follow these instructions: Setting up a Custom Curriculum Tracking Assessment

If you'd like to share your custom assessment with other schools, or would like another school to share what they use with you, jump over to this post in the Arbor Community.

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