Operational Reporting Training

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This service is suitable for all Schools.

This is a one-to-one session, which is delivered to your School only by one of our Trainers.

Operational Reporting

Session Title Description/Content Approx. Duration (in Mins) Who is the session for?

Reporting in Arbor

This session will give you an overview of the in-built reporting functionality in Arbor including:

School Reporting, Enrolment Statistics, Year Group Reporting, Form Reporting, Student Demographic Reports, Derived Indicator Reports and Medical Reports.

45 Headteacher

Custom Groups and User Defined Fields

Aim to guide the users through how to create Custom groups which can be used to manage groups of students, guardians or staff for specific purposes, such as filtering on our in-built reporting pages or easily contacting them.

Aim to guide the users through how to create User Defined Fields which lets you track extra information on a student, staff or guardian profile. 


Head Teacher

Introduction to Custom Report Writer

Aim to guide the users through how to use Arbor's Custom Report Writer to create basic yet bespoke reports.

This session includes: Choosing and identifying Data Sets available, Creating a Custom Report, Adding Filters, Adding Groups, Importing, Exporting and Scheduling Reports.

Please share any specific reports you would like ahead of the training to your trainer and they will choose at least one report to create during this session as they train you.



Extended Custom Report Writer

Aims to build upon the introduction to Custom Report Writer guiding the users through: Complex Filters, Conditional Formatting, Formulas, Exporting Data via Live Feed, Using Mail Merge within Custom Report Writer.



Please note: The timings above are approximate. Actual timings will depend on the requirements of your School. 


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