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This course is designed for schools joining Arbor that require setting up a new site from scratch e.g Brand new school or School Migrating from no previous MIS or Systems without a migrator. The course is made up of 5 x 1-hour sessions.

You will need to attend all 5 sessions to complete the course. There may be some cross over with some of our Pre and Post Launch Sessions but we recommend attending both to ensure you are confident in setting up and using your Arbor site before and after going live.

As this is an Arbor Academy session, you will be joining alongside other Schools.

New School Site Setup

Session Title Description/Content Approx. Duration (in Mins)
Session 1:Adding School details and Pastoral structure

Setting up School Details, Adding Academic Years, Creating Pastoral Structure Such as Year Groups and Reg Forms and Scheduling Registration Sessions. We will also show you how to add profiles and business roles for keys taff who will be building the systems.

For schools with a more complex Secondary Timetable, your Arbor Project Coordinator will share a video on how to build this from scratch.

Session 2: Student Enrolment

How to add students to your site individually, via a CTF import and via our Applicant Template. How to amend Student Enrolments.

Session 3: Students and Guardian Profiles

Adding Data to student profiles to ensure they are census compliant. How to add and manage Guardian Profiles 

Session 4: Staff profiles and Absences

How to manage Staff Profiles. Log and Report on Staff Absences

Session 5: Staff HR and Admin

Creating Staff Contracts, Positions and other employment information, setting up and using Pay Scales, Allowances and Superannuation schemes and managing Staff Checks.


 Please note: The timings above are approximate. Actual timings will depend on number of attendees and level of Chat and Q&A interaction from attendees during the session.

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