2021/2022 Product Updates Roundup 13 - Rank students and save time setting up report cards

The Headlines

Rank students for assessments

Although ranking students isn’t required for exams this year, we know many schools want to use this for their assessments. Now you can enable RANK ordering from your Marksheet Settings or using the filters on individual marksheets and Data Collections to sort students based on their grades. You can see more on this feature here: Can we rank students for summative assessments?



Report Cards

We've improved how report cards are copied. Previously, you couldn’t copy over your Courses or Progress, Ad Hoc or Curriculum assessments, just Attendance and Behaviour. Now you can get this term’s report cards ready in just a few minutes!



What else is new?

  • We’ve introduced new permissions to help you more easily manage who can see and edit staff absences: Changes to Staff Absence permissions 
  • Unsubscribe guardians from communications in bulk from Students > Parents & Guardians > Bulk Update > Contact Details.
  • No need to go to each student’s profile to add funding. You can now do this in bulk from Students > All > Bulk Update > Student Funding Records - perfect for recording School led tutoring!
  • We’ve updated our attendance KPIs on the MAT MIS to show more contextual data. Visit your homepage or Analytics > Attendance to drill down into your data. You can even click on a student to jump right to their profile on their school’s site.
  • Standalone learning units are now shown by default on the Statement of Entry page on student profiles.


Coming soon…

TimeTabler import

We want to make it easier for schools to make changes to their timetable. In future, you’ll be able to import from Arbor into TimeTabler, rather than needing to keep both systems up to date with tweaks to rooms or staffing.

Voucher payments

Top up Customer Account Types used by Wraparound Care Clubs using vouchers, manage which guardians can sign up using the voucher balance and then reconcile vouchers as a separate payment type.

Assessment Analysis

Only see currently enrolled students by default on your favourite Assessment Analysis pages.


We publish a roundup of our releases every other Friday here. You can also see what else we’re working on using our RoadmapWhy not also join in the conversation in the Arbor Community?

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