2021/2022 Product Updates Roundup 15 - Free up staff and rooms by suspending lessons, and search for even more

The Headlines

Suspending lessons

We've added new bulk actions to suspend classes and lessons on the Lesson Timetable (List) page when a class is scheduled to be out of normal lessons (e.g. a school trip or internal exam). Easily free up staff and rooms, plus suspended lesson registers are automatically opened at the lesson start time to pull in any existing planned absence marks. Get started here: Suspending classes and lessons



The search bar

You can now use the search bar for so much more, including Custom Report Writer reports, email addresses, student date of birth and postcodes and much more. See what you can search for now here: Using Arbor's Global search

We've also made improvements to permissions, so you'll only see results in the search bar that you have permission to view.



Attendance thresholds

Attendance thresholds allow you to set expectations for attendance for different student groups on your MAT MIS. Add an Expectation level (and an Exceeding Expectation level) to be shown when you drill down into your Whole School Attendance data. You can see how to upgrade and start using this feature here: Attendance Threshold analysis on the MAT MIS



What else is new?

  • To help you generate an MS1 for exams, you can now download and print coursework details by clicking into the exam from Students > Examinations > Coursework > Overview.
  • Students can now only mark assignments as submitted if the Submit via Arbor box is ticked, removing the possibility for students to mark it submitted without handing in any work. If this is unticked, teachers need to mark the assignment.
  • We’ve made some changes to the MAT MIS top menus, including simplifying the Analytics > Assessment area and moving Integrations into their own System menu just like on school sites.
  • When you add staff to a detention, the drop-down menu now only shows current staff as of the selected date.
  • 2-week timetable cycling is now applied again if a holiday or inset day is removed.
  • When importing from TimeTabler, you’ll see all bottom level courses to map to (if it's the first import of the academic year), and you can choose to not map certain subjects.
  • Pinned notes will now show until midnight of their end date, meaning they can now be pinned for one day.
  • Applicants that become enrolled students no longer show in the To box for Mail Merges as both applicants and students. Now they’ll only show in one student group - students.
  • Choose whether to use the Address Lines format or the British BS7666 format when generating CTFs.


Coming soon…


We want to make it easier for schools to make changes to their timetable. In future, you’ll be able to import from Arbor into TimeTabler, rather than needing to keep both systems up to date with tweaks to rooms or staffing.

We’re also working on better functionality for excluding students from certain timetable slots, and the ability to import from Options!

Cashless Catering

We’re building a two-way integration with Civica to enable you to log and manage cashless catering payments, and keep balances up to date in both systems.


Last year, we introduced the ability to send emails in the MAT MIS in bulk using a Mail Merge. To help you take action with your data, we’ll be adding bulk actions to allow you to email specific students, guardians or staff right from your analysis pages.

To help you support your schools in getting their School Censuses done, we’re also adding an overview of census completion to MAT MIS.


We publish a roundup of our releases every other Friday here. You can also see what else we’re working on using our RoadmapWhy not also join in the conversation in the Arbor Community?

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