Migrating during the Summer Exams Season

For an Exams Officer, changing MIS mid exams season can be daunting! If you are changing MIS over the May Half Term or over the Summer holidays, there's a bit of setup that will need to take place in your existing MIS and some things you will need to do on your live Arbor site. Below you will find our recommendations for switching at this busy time of year.

May Half Term Migrations

What data will be migrated?

We migrate entries from SIMS and Progresso. We also migrate historic exam results and access arrangements from SIMS so there is no need to set these up again.

They will just need to be checked as part of your data checks on the dummy site during implementation and again once you have access to the live site. You can see some things to check here: Important things to do after migration

Please note that In-house exams do not migrate, so you would need to set these up following these instructions: Setting up In-house Examinations

When should I set up my seating plans?

Seating plans are not migrated, so all of the exams setup (invigilator timetables, printed seating plans, candidate cards) should be prepared in your existing MIS before migration. A copy of the seating plan is required to meet JCQ regulations, which can be printed from your existing MIS.

How can I prepare for the change?

Exams Officers should check entries on the dummy site ready for ad hoc entry changes and to prepare for results day.

We would therefore recommend attending the exams training session prior to go live.

Which system do I use for processing August exam results?

Processing of exam results over Summer should take place in Arbor, because you don't need to have made the entries in Arbor to be able to import your results files. You can upload results for EDI qualifications using the same EDI Results file you would use as if you had made the entries through Arbor.


September (Summer) Migrations

Will I need to do any exams setup in Arbor?

No, the full Summer exams process should take place in your existing MIS, including results day during the summer holidays.  

How do I get the Summer exams results into Arbor?

The exams team at your school will upload the results into Arbor after results day, once your school is using the new system!


For more tips on ensuring a successful switch please see our Moving to Arbor - Top Tips for Exams Officers guide.

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