2021/2022 Product Updates Roundup 17 - Integrate with Civica, and set Access Arrangements for individual exams

The Headlines

Access Arrangements

Exam boards often give access arrangement allocations which may be subject or exam specific, such as extra time in an English exam but not in a Maths exam.

Exam officers can now choose which assessables an access arrangement applies to from the Allocate Exam Rooms page. Take a look here for full guidance: Access arrangements for only certain exams

We’ll also be making another update to Access Arrangements soon, so you’ll be able to see reasons on exam registers!



Civica Cashless Catering

With our brand new integration, you can manage cashless catering payments directly from your MIS! Information is synced between Arbor and Civica in almost real time, so parents and staff only need to log in to Arbor to get full visibility over students’ meal purchases and payments.

Take a look here for full guidance: Civica Cashless Catering and Arbor integration



What else is new?

  • The Assessments > Summative Tracking > Analysis > Statistics page now has a unique code in the URL. This means you can bookmark the filter settings you need, and easily share your analysis settings with others without needing to redo the filters.
  • We’ve updated the templates in Assessments > DfE Assessments so you can record your End of Key Stage, Phonics and MTC assessments correctly this year.
  • We’ve added the User Accounts: Administer permission to the IT Manager business role on the MAT MIS to enable them to approve API connections.
  • Staff data is now available in our Microsoft Power BI connector. This includes useful details like staff names, timetable abbreviations, staff number, continuous service start date and much more, allowing you to do more with your reporting.


Coming soon…


Soon you’ll be able to import from Arbor into TimeTabler, rather than needing to keep both systems up to date with tweaks to rooms or staffing. We’re also working on the ability to exclude students from certain lessons, and to import Options!


We’re adding new summative assessments that automatically calculate a SUM total, and simplifying the process of adding assessments to next year.


To help you support your schools, we’re adding an overview of census completion to the MAT MIS.


We publish a roundup of our releases every other Friday here. You can also see what else we’re working on using our Roadmap.

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