2021/2022 Product Updates Roundup 19 - New ways to share data in CTFs and the MAT MIS Custom Report Writer

The Headlines

DfE Assessments

To help inform your End of KS1 Teacher Assessments, you can now add the End of Key Stage 1 - Test Results assessment template to your site.

It’s easy to set it up from Students > Assessments > DfE Assessments, and means that your data is no longer siloed in spreadsheets, UDFs or summative assessments. Plus it’s included in the CTF when students move to their next school!

Get marking here: End of Key Stage 1 Test Result assessments



MAT MIS Superuser

If you’re a Superuser on the MAT MIS, you can now access all Custom Report Writer reports on the MAT MIS site, as well as on school sites.

See more details here: Custom Report Writer Superuser



What else is new?

  • No need to click back to where you were - when you’re making changes to a calendar we’ll now jump you back to the week you were working on rather than today.
  • We’ve added more staff data available in our Microsoft Power BI connector for staff contracts.
  • When adding an assessment to your Annual Policy, you can now select the students, assessment periods and linked courses for each assessment, helping you prevent adding your assessments to the wrong student groups.
  • If you’re planning to roll out assessments for your schools from the MAT MIS, you can now change the name of the assessments before pushing them down. Just go to Administration > Assessment > Framework > Assessment Catalogue and click into the assessment to edit it.
  • Slide overs are now keyboard accessible! When you open a slide over, the first clickable item will be selected, and you can move down by clicking Tab. Press Shift + Tab to jump to the last element. This means no more getting stuck in the page behind the slide over!
  • Now only users with the Student Profile: Contact Details: View All/My Students can access the Student Map page.
  • We’ve improved the Group Staff > Users & Security section on the MAT MIS so you can get to all the pages you need from the left-hand menu.


Coming soon…


Soon you’ll be able to import from Arbor into TimeTabler, rather than needing to keep both systems up to date with tweaks to rooms or staffing. We’re also working on the ability to exclude students from certain lessons, and to import Options!


We’re adding new summative assessments that automatically calculate a SUM total, and simplifying the process of adding assessments to next year.

MAT MIS calculated fields

We’ll be introducing custom calculated formula fields in the Custom Report Writer on the MAT MIS to enable you to get more out of your reporting, just like on the School Custom Report Writer.


We publish a roundup of our releases every other Friday here. You can also see what else we’re working on using our Roadmap.

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