2021/2022 Product Updates Roundup 21 - New assessment marksheets and calculations

The Headlines

New Marksheets

We know marksheets and tables can be fiddly and time consuming, which is why we’ve added new functionality to make data entry as quick and easy as possible. Here are the highlights:

  • Copy/Paste using the keyboard from any source
  • Super speedy keyboard entry
  • Easy filtering within the table
  • Full screen mode
  • And much more!

All schools can use our new marksheets right away, or toggle back to the old marksheet style for now. Find a walkthrough of all the new features here: New Assessment Marksheets



Assessment Calculations

Want to set up multiple assessment strands that add up to an overall score, then convert it to a grade? When setting up a new Summative assessment, just tick the Use a calculation method box. Then select SUM to use our new SUM calculation method to add up the marks, or Average to use our old Stranded assessments.

You can also now use calculated assessments with School Assessment Measures, to set up a measure per strand and overall.



Live Register Cashless Catering

With our brand new integration, you can manage cashless catering payments directly from your MIS! Parents and staff only need to log in to Arbor to get full visibility over students’ meal purchases and payments.

Take a look here for full guidance: Live Register Cashless Catering and Arbor integration



Reusable templates for In-app messages

Save time sending your most common In-app message communications with our new reusable templates. Add hyperlinks, or merge fields to personalise the message, then use the template in your mail merge just like you can for emails, SMS or letters.

See how to set up a template here: Using Email, SMS, Letter, In-app message communication templates



What else is new?

  • Printable staff timetables are now alphabetical by last name in the staff selector dropdown and on the printable document.
  • On the Staff Timetable grid, we’ve added a comma to separate the timetabled event name from the location.
  • We’ve added Pay Scales to our Entity Importer so you can import them in bulk via spreadsheet.
  • On the MAT MIS Custom Report Writer, use Working Days Lost (All Staff for Dates) for absences for any staff during the dates selected or Working Days Lost (Active Staff for Dates) for staff with a current business role only. Both fields use the custom absence days if available, or calculated days if left blank.
  • Choose the default display grade set that appears on marksheets for each assessment in your Annual Policy.
  • We've removed the Download Import Spreadsheet button from the Manage Assessments page, so now you just download and import in the same place.
  • We’ve refactored buttons that open a drop-down menu (e.g. the Download/Print button on student profiles) to enable keyboard entry.
  • When exporting your DfE assessment results via CTF, tick the Only export the most recent assessment results box to only output year 2s who have had to retake phonics.
  • As the pass mark has now been released for the Phonics Screening Check, we’ve filled in the Outcomes column with Wa or Wt based on the raw scores you’ve put in.
  • Our DfE Assessment Analysis pages show this year’s analysis as soon as the data is available.
  • We now migrate Student telephone numbers, Pay scales, Spinal Points and Pay scale salary bands from Progresso (Cloud school).
  • The Pupil Premium demographic across Arbor is now called Pupil Premium Eligible, so you can easily differentiate between students who are in receipt of funding, and those who may be entitled. We’ve also added tool tips to explain the difference to the Derived Background Indicator section of the student profile.


Coming soon…


Soon you’ll be able to import from Arbor into TimeTabler, rather than needing to keep both systems up to date with tweaks to rooms or staffing. We’re also working on the ability to exclude students from certain lessons, and to import Options!


We’re working on an exciting integration with third-party application Access Budgeting through our API.


The ability to schedule communications (Email, SMS and In-App messages) to send at a later date.


We publish a roundup of our releases every other Friday here. You can also see what else we’re working on using our Roadmap.

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