Recording the school as closed for the Royal Funeral Bank Holiday on the 19th September

Following the death of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II a period of National Mourning has started which will continue until the State Funeral on Monday 19th September.

Schools are expected to remain open during the period of mourning, although Headteachers have the power to authorise leave of absence for students in exceptional circumstances.

The official date of the State Funeral will be a Bank Holiday and schools are not expected to remain open on this date. Please refer to the Department for Education document: National Mourning Advisory Education Guidance


Support from Arbor

Our Support Team will continue to be available on weekdays between 8 am and 5 pm during the period of National Mourning.

Arbor support will be closed on the 19th September.


How to record your school as closed

Step 1 - Clubs, trips and wraparound care

If your school is marked as closed, your clubs, trips and wraparound care events that take place on that day will be removed. The invoices will still be in the Payments area, but you won't be able to refund them.

We recommend you make any refunds or cancellations for sessions before marking your school as closed. You can see how to do this here: 

Step 2 - Add the bank holiday

After following the instructions below, you will not need to open registers or take attendance on the 19th September, as there will be no registers.

To record the school as closed for the 19th, go to School > School Structure > Academic years and select this year.



Click the red Return to incomplete button before making changes.



Click+Add in the Holidays section to add planned whole school absences.



Fill in the relevant information in the slide over, and select the Holiday type as Public Holiday.



Once this holiday has been added, click the green Mark Calendar as Complete button to save your changes.



Clubs, trips and wraparound care

Even if your school is marked as closed, your clubs, trips and wraparound care will not be automatically cancelled or refunded. If you will be refunding students and cancelling, please follow our guidance here:

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