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Welcome to Arbor!

Welcome to the first step of your Arbor Onboarding Journey! This guide will tell you how to access and use your Implementation Workbook so your Project Team can track site set up and training progress.

Key Milestones

The first tab of the workbook contains an overview of the tasks you will complete during the 14-week implementation period and when you will need to do these. Don’t worry about memorising this, your Project Manager will discuss the tasks on your regular progress calls.

The table has 3 columns, status, due & owner. Use the status column to indicate whether the task is complete *tick*, In progress *triangle* or delayed *cross*. We’ll have pre-populated the ‘due’ column to indicate when tasks need to have been completed and we’ll discuss which member of your School Project Team should be responsible for actioning each task.

Pre-Launch Checklist

The Pre Launch checklist contains all of the training, data input tasks, and application of skills you need to have actioned before your Go Live date. The list is split down week by week for clear and concise viewing and is also populated with the exact date by which each task needs to be completed.

You can also use the checklist to confirm the status of each item (not applicable, delayed, in progress, or complete) and we have included an owner column so you can assign each task to a specific member of your School Project Team.

Roles & Responsibilities

The Roles & Responsibilities tab is where you can find contact details for the key people involved in the Implementation Project. From Arbor, this will be your Project Manager and the Support Team (or Partner Support Team if you are supported by one of our accredited partners). From the School this will be the Project Lead, IT Lead and Arbor Champions.

Here is how each of these people support the Implementation:

Arbor Project Manager

Manages the School Implementation Project and will address questions & queries related to data migration or strategic roll out plan.

Arbor Support Team / Accredited Partner
Provide first-line and second-line support to schools. They are there to answer all your day-to-day queries on Arbor, ensuring high levels of responsiveness.
School Project Lead
Knowledgeable of your schools processes and workflows to ensure onboarding remains on track, leads the school team.
IT Lead
Manages integrations with third-party applications.
Arbor Champions
Subject area expertise, change manager, ability to customise Arbor as required and act as an Arbor advocate with new users.


Initially, with the input of your Project Manager, you’ll use the Objectives tab to frame your long-term objectives and what internal processes you’d like to improve as part of the transition. Alongside these larger, longer-term goals you’ll also use this tab to map out which of Arbor’s modules you’ll need for Day 1 and which you’ll need in the first few weeks as part of your Discovery meeting so your Project Manager can tailor the Implementation plan to suit your needs.

Once your goals are established, you can also use the Objectives tab to track the status of each module (e.g. whether it is set up, still to complete relevant training etc)


Here you’ll find an overview of your pre-purchased 1-1 training. This will cover a specific Arbor module such as Behavior or Parental Engagement, if purchased, your Arbor Project Manager will have also added this to your Workbook and will help you book a convenient date.

You will also be completing a series of self-paced training journeys on the Arbor Training Hub. These sessions cover the basics including how to set up your site, access profiles and take attendance.


Entity Importer Templates

Your Arbor site is pre populated with a range of Entity Importers to help you pull across various pieces of information to help you get census ready. We have built a checklist into your workbook so together with your PM you can track which importers you have chosen to utilise and when you plan on importing specific data sets. 

You will learn how to use the Entity Importers when you complete your Brand New Site Setup course on the Training Hub.

Other Data

Unfortunately, not all data can be bulk uploaded using the Entity Importers so will need to be added to your site manually. This includes Term Dates, Year Groups and Student Enrolment. Further instruction regarding how to add each data set will be provided as part of your training journey.

Key Documents

The Key Documents tab contains an array of helpful documentation which will aid your success throughout Implementation and going forward! 

In the top left you’ll find the New Site Creation Guide which is a written version of your site set up training to refer to when populating your Arbor site with data.

To the right is Help Centre guidance by module, alongside your onboarding training / any other additional training the Help Centre is the best place to learn about the new features in your MIS. We have thousands of articles and videos in the Help Centre that have been expertly crafted so you can quickly and easily find the right information.

Finally you’ll see we have also included a link and the details to access our Test Site so you can see what using Arbor will be like once you’re fully set up! This is a great place to encourage staff to go and have a play on Arbor. They can practice day to day tasks like finding information, taking registers and running reports.

Readiness for Go Live

This tab will act as a checklist for you and your school to ensure that you've completed key tasks in the run-up to going live with the Arbor MIS. 

Here you can log your Arbor Champion engagement with Arbor, find useful information to help you over your half-term, and tick-off tasks to make sure your first day with Arbor is a success!

We’ve also included some guides that we recommend you read through or send out to the relevant staff members before you Go Live, they contain a variety of tips and last-minute checks to ensure everyone feels prepared for Day 1. 

3rd Party Applications

3rd Party Applications are any other systems you may use within school that Arbor could work in conjunction with or replace. Either way, you’ll need to let them know, so we’ve added this tab to provide a place to note these down and track which 3rd parties have been contacted about the move and are ready to connect. 3rd Party connections aren’t always instant so we’d always recommend contacting them in plenty of time for your Go Live date to ensure a smooth transition.

Check it out!

Please click here to see how our integrations work and which 3rd parties we integrate with.

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