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Throughout the implementation of your brand new Arbor site, you’ll be asked to complete a range of tasks which ensure the smooth set-up of your site and adoption of system knowledge.

To make things a little easier, we’ve split the tasks into 3 colour-coded types which you’ll see throughout your onboarding.


Build the foundations of your site and enter your school data!

Each week the onboarding team will email to direct you to your checklist which explains what data you need to add to your site to stay on track and which training sessions will teach you how.


Complete your onboarding training to learn how to use Arbor so that you’re ready to go live! 

Alongside adding data to your site you’ll also need to complete training which shows you how to use the basics of Arbor such as taking attendance if you’re a teacher and managing staff profiles if you’re admin staff.


Apply everything you’ve built, check back on previous tasks, and learn to start using Arbor confidently! 

Expand your knowledge of the system and start using areas of the site that you haven't explored before to ensure you’re getting the most out of Arbor and the whole team is able to access information.

Completing all Build Learn Apply tasks when recommended will secure a thorough implementation of your system and in turn prepare you for a successful future using Arbor's features in the most efficient ways.

It will also put you in the best position to certify that all staff feel happy and comfortable using the areas that are key in their roles and most importantly that this change improves your school's efficiency and outcomes.

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