Change Management when moving your MAT to Arbor

You may have already thought about your MATs approach to change management within your organisation, you may have already completed a fair few 'change projects' and have this covered already from previous experience.

If you haven't yet thought about this don't worry! We will take you through this when we hold your MAT discovery session if you have purchased Programme Management time.

This article to give you some guidance if you want to get ahead in terms of thinking about things such as your communication strategy with schools. We want your staff to work 'with' the change not 'against' it. Communication is key and we can work with your to get your change management strategy right

What is Change Management?


Purpose of Change Communication


What makes a successful change?


Communications for your MAT 


The Change Curve

You can put things in place to minimise the negative impact of the change to staff. If staff have the correct communications and knowledge of what the changes is/what this means to them this can be planned effectively Screenshot_2023-02-20_at_11.03.57.png

Common Causes of Resistance

You may already know what your biggest challenge will be. Below are a few examples of common causes of resistance we have seen and the ways you can address them internally Screenshot_2023-02-20_at_11.10.49.png

6 Factors to Encourage Engagement


Effective Communication 


What makes a good change sponsor?


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